Corner Cellar

Wine Bar * Wine Tasting & Sales

Try a Wine Cocktail during your visit!


"Red over Peels", Princess of the Hive, "Summer Shortcake", Banana Bahama Mama, "Kinky" in Paradise, Margarita, "Divalicious", Strawberry Daiquiri, Candied Apple Cider, "Wine"d Me Up Redbull, Tomato Wine Bloody Mary, Pineapple Upside Down Cake and special Monthly cocktails

"Nibbles" Menu

"Ploughman's Lunch" (simple charcuterie plate)

Decadent Chocolate Plate

Grilled Panini

Cheese, Cracker & Pistachio Plate

Selection of Cheese Dip with Pretzels

Housemade Red Wine French Onion Soup *based on season & availability

Sea Salt Kettle Chips & utz "Pub Mix"

*** "Nibbles" menu is based on availability ***

Coffee & Other Beverages...

Cafe du Jour

Liqueur Coffee *contains alcohol

Sprite, Squirt, Ginger Ale


"Let Me Go" Redbull